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Welcome to my website! Here you can find out all kinds of things about me.

I mean, still, meeting in real life is much nicer, of course :)

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Who am I?

I value many things - you can find some important ones here. Maybe with some unnecessary details, but hey, that's who I am as well!


CLARINET - my main instrument
(-s, the whole family: Eb, Bb, A, Bass). I love playing different styles, like classical, jazz, klezmer, and pop.


EDUCATION - teaching others is one of the most instructive things I have done in my life. I love transferring my knowledge to others, and learning from it at the same time.

crazy sounds

CRAZY SOUNDS - I can make some very weird sounds. Dolphin? Coffee machine? Old school telephone? Don't even ask - it's already done. Challenge me!

playing together

PLAYING TOGETHER - I find it both very rewarding, and very important: non verbal communication and timing are amazing things to experience.


MUSIC - I mean, what can I say about it... It's one of the most important things, I think. I wouldn't know where I'd be without it.


THEATRE - drama? I'm up for it! I love telling stories, and showing others what a crazy and beautiful world it is.


ENERGY - Whatever I do, I do it with full energy: I throw myself in with all I have and work to make it happen.


HAPPINESS - I love being happy, and making others happy too. I almost always see the positive side of things.


ART - I still don't know what it is exactly: is art just for myself? Or for people around me? Maybe for the connection between them and me?

What am I up to?

I work in different areas: music & art, organization & production, and administration & assistance. Click on the link for more info!

Music & Art

But What About

      (clarinets & percussion)

World Opera Lab

      (clarinets & acting)

Catchpenny Ensemble



      (clarinets & arrangements)

Kamerkoor NEXT


Organization & Production

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw


Festival Wonderfeel

      (ticketing & accreditation)

Schiermonnikoog Festival

      (volunteer coordination)

Administration & Assistance

Stichting But What About

      (finances & administration)

Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag

      (occasional administrative assistance)

When & where can you find me?

If I'm not in one of the offices, or at home, I'm probably in a rehearsal or concert hall. Below you can find my public appearances :)

But What About

(klarinet, drums)

25/26-08-2022, Sonsbeek Theater Avenue  //  Just Press Play

27-08-2022, Open035 Hilversum  //  Just Press Play

07-09-2022, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht  //  New pieces by Baldwin Giang & Bekah Simms

10-09-2022, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht  //  Saturday Night with BUI

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw


13-08-2022, 21.15h, Amersfoort Jazz  //  Hope, Love & Freedom (JOC ft. Trijntje Oosterhuis)

21-08-2022, 19.30h, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam //  Tula Herdenking

28-08-2022, 20.00h, Concertgebouw Amsterdam  //  Trijntje sings Sinatra

How do you contact me?

I'll try to answer calls - you can always send me a WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram / Text message, or an e-mail. I'd like to hear from you!